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Ceramic Porcelain Crowns in Herriman

If you have a broken tooth or a tooth at risk of breaking then you may need a cap on your tooth called a crown. 

Because of advances in technology of crown materials it has never been a better time to have a crown. You no longer need to have crowns with metal under the crown making a dark shadow under the crown. The crown materials we have now look better and are stronger than in the past. Because of advanced techniques we use when we do crowns we can help crowns last longer. Our goal is to fix the tooth right the first time so it can serve you for as long as possible. 

Crowns typically last longer and are stronger than a filling. Fillings can also last a long time and hold up well under the right circumstances but crowns are typically better if:


  • You have a broken tooth.

    • You have large fillings that have broken or part of the tooth next to a large filling has broken. 

  • You have large fillings already and have developed new cavities in those same teeth.

  • You have large fillings and cracks in a tooth putting the tooth at risk of fracture

  • You have had a root canal on a back tooth. Often molars or premolars with a root canal will fracture and split in half necessitating removal of the tooth. In order to avoid this situation it is best to do a crown as soon as possible after a root canal is completed to keep the tooth from splitting. 

  • You have a large amount of tooth erosion or wear from grinding, brushing, or acidic exposure. 

  • You want to drastically change the shape, appearance, or alignment of the teeth for cosmetic reasons similar to veneers

At Copper Mountain Dental in Herriman, UT we have a lot of experience doing crowns for those in need of this service.  If you are looking for a dentist "near me" or a Herriman Dentist who can help you fix a broken tooth then call or send us a message at Copper Mountain Dental in Herriman, UT. We are experts at crowns and have perfected the technique to get excellent results in making a crown for you with the best possible techniques designed to increase the longevity of the crown. While nothing lasts forever we do our best to make your crown last as long as possible because we want to help you save money and time by doing it right. 

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