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At the Dentist
Preventive Dental Cleanings and Exams 

Having your teeth cleaned and checked frequently helps to prevent more extensive and costly dental work in the future.  Having a professional cleaning is critical to keeping your gums and teeth healthy.  It is estimated that over 47% of adults over age 30 have periodontal (gums & bone) disease called periodontitis or a chronic gum infection that causes you to loose bone around your teeth until they get loose and eventually fall out. Schedule a cleaning and exam with us today.

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Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth slowly turning more yellow or gray? One of the first things that others will notice about your teeth is how light or dark they are. Whitening is an affordable way to improve the appearance of your smile. Whitening is safe, effective, and can make a big difference in how your teeth look. One of the side effects of whitening teeth can be sensitivity to cold. This is usually temporary and by using Sensodyne and other de-sensitizing products you can get your teeth to feel great and look great too. If you are looking for professional teeth whitening in Herriman or teeth whitening near me give Copper Mountain Dental in Herriman a call. We proudly use the Opalescence whitening system with great results. Opalescence whitening products include ingredients that help reduce sensitivity and also work great to whiten your teeth.  Opalescence is not only the #1 teeth whitening company they are also local to Utah.

Dental Assistant
Composite Fillings

If you have a cavity or an old filling that needs to be replaced, we can usually use a white, tooth-colored material called composite.  We do not place metal fillings in our office as we want you to have a good looking and functional smile.  Composite fillings have improved even over the last several years to be better looking and stronger than ever. Also with good bonding techniques and desensitizing agents, you are less likely to experience sensitivity than composite fillings in the past. If you think you need a filling, schedule with us today.

Dental Surgery
Porcelain Crowns

It has never been a better time to have a crown, bridge, or veneer done.  Crowns can be used like veneers to create a beautiful, strong, and long lasting result.  If a tooth has a very large cavity, is broken, or has a large existing filing that has problems then a crown is a great way to keep your tooth healthy. Porcelain technology has improved to where we can even use white, tooth-colored crowns on back teeth that previously would have required a gold crown. Zirconia porcelain crowns are much stronger than porcelains used in the past, and they look great too. If you want to improve your smile or if you think you may need a crown, contact us to schedule today. 

At the Dentist
Dental Implants

Missing a tooth?  Dental implants can be an ideal way to give you the smile you want.  Dental implant technology has improved significantly over the years.  Implants do not get decay like natural teeth; helping them last a very long time.  Implants are great, long-lasting restorations for missing teeth.   Sometimes a fixed bridge can be used as an alternative to placing an implant and in some cases can be less expensive. 

"Dr Lindgren has changed my view and anxiety with dental work. He is very patient and listens to my concerns. He explains procedures very well. I first started seeing him 3 years ago when I desperately needed dental work. He eased my anxiety and took great care of me and my teeth. In fact I have since moved out of state and when I come to Utah I always schedule a visit for a cleaning. So grateful to have been referred to them by a close friend, and to have found Dr Lindgren. I guarantee you will be happy."


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